New Microsoft Certifications

It’s interesting to note that Microsoft is
coming up with a total revamp on the Microsoft certification program. The new streams
are split into 3:

Technology Series: Technology specialist certifications targeting
specific Microsoft technologies and proving an in-depth skill level for working with
these technologies.

Professional Series: Aimed at validating a comprehensive and current
set of skills required to be successful on the job, providing a reliable indicator
of performance.

Architect Series: Allowing companies to easily identify experiences,
trusted, IT architects that have completed a rigorous industry-driven peer validation

Seems to be an interesting premise. The existing certifications are in dire need of
an overhaul, as it’s way too easy to just prepare for the exams and not really need
to learn anything. The architect series sound quite tough, culminating in a presentation
and interview by a panel of experts. Could be interesting.

More details here

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