Skype for Outlook rocks!

Just came across a posting that Skype has just released their Skype
for Outlook
Toolbar that lets you use Skype directly from Outlook and do a host
of other stuff. Looks great; I’ll
give it a whirl
. It’s still in Beta, so you might want to use with care.

Here’s the feature list:

  • Easily match individual outlook contacts to Skype contacts.

  • See Presence, start calls and chats for all known message senders direct from the

  • See presence, call and chat to all outlook contacts known to Skype.

  • Create Outlook contacts direct from incoming email.

  • Use Skype to Call all Telephone numbers for Outlook contacts.

  • Use Skype to call and chat with all other known contacts in the Cc and To message

  • Record journal entries for all incoming Skype calls

  • Use Skype to call telephone numbers and even Skype names in the body of Email messages

  • Start group chats from email messages where topics are automatically set the to the
    email subject

  • Automatically add Skype callto signatures to outgoing email messages.

  • Import contacts to Skype direct from Outlook.

  • Open Outlook contact automatically for incoming calls.

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