BizTalk 2004 HTTP Receive

Spent this morning helping Nigel find out why he couldn’t send an XML/HTTP message
to his BizTalk installation. Basically,
the trick is that the user the Application Pool hosting the BizTalk receive DLL (
BTSHTTPReceive.dll ) needs to be running under the identity of a user which is a member
of the local IIS_WPG group
AND must also be a member of the BizTalk
Isolated Hosts
group. The biggest problem was the someone else had installed on
configured BizTalk and things weren’t as we expected. The root of the problem was
the assumption that a user named “Isolated Host User” was actually a member of the
“BizTalk Isolated Host User Group” in Active

The morale of the story; never assume that someone else has set things up correctly

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