Spam, Spyware, Trojans, Viruses etc

Just added a comment to Ramon’s
who seems rather worried about the alarming number of viruses, trojans and
other malware his PC; and thought I’d echo it here as I’m sure there’s others who
can benefit from this:

There are some measures you can take to prevent this sort of aggravation.
These fall into 3 main ativities:

1. Make sure your version of Windows is always up to date. If you go to Tools/Windows
Update in Internet Explorer, you’ll be told of any updates you should have and don’t.

2. Make sure your anti-virus is up-to-date. If it’s not, that it’s not doing it’s
job. Most anti-virus packages have the facility to automatically update themselves
are new virus definitions are released. If you can’t afford a virus scanner; grab
a free one from:

3. Install and keep updated an AntiSpyware package. I’ve been using Microsoft’s offering
(which is free) and have had an excellent track record with it. More information here:

Hope you all manage to stay clean …

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  1. Hi Owen,
    I think people now a days do not realise the implications of not investing in anti-v’s and spyware protection.

    I visit so many peoples home where their pc’s are completely shagged because they have no form of protection at all, its rediculous..

    I am impressed you have mentioned the windows updates too. As you know MS release “updates” for a good reason, and not just for fun. Security updates, leeks, holes, patches, tweeks, everything to keep your pc running smooth and to stop people “violating” your PC’s little holes (ooo errr lol)

    -~ nice post ~-

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