Wireless Card blue-screening my laptop

Windows throwing a blue-screen has finally a relatively rare event since Windows XP, and is usually caused by hardware drivers. I’ve had the occassional blue screen on my new laptop when trying to go to Standby or once, even when I switched to battery. I had been suspecting my U.S. Robotics wireless card, but wasn’t 100% sure.

Today I installed NetStumbler on my laptop, and every time I exit the application, I’m rewarded with a blue-screen. Turns out the problem IS my wireless card, so it’s off to see if there’s any updated drivers for it …

UPDATE: 🙂 Checked out the features on the next driver up from the one I had installed:

Driver and Configuration Utility Version v5.0j

  • Improved connection reliability due to random losses in wireless signal strength.
  • Enhanced support for Hyper-Threading and dual processor computers.
  • Enhanced stability on certain systems that experience blue screen (NMI or parity) errors on shutdown.

Looks like it might do the trick

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