Migrating from BizTalk 2002 to BizTalk 2004

Microsoft have just released the BizTalk
Server Adapter Migration Toolkit
which allows the reuse of BizTalk 2002 custom
computers (AICs preprocessors) in BizTalk 2004. Here’s an overview:

AMT is designed to simplify migration of BizTalk 2002 solutions to BizTalk 2004 by
providing three key pieces:
— The generation of wrappers for BizTalk 2002 Application Integration Components
(AICs) so that they can be used as BizTalk 2004 adapters and pipeline components;
— The wrapper for BizTalk 2002 custom preprocessors so that they can be used as BizTalk
2004 pipeline components; and
— Implementation of BizTalk 2002 IInterchange to facilitate migration of BizTalk
2002 applications that submitted messages bypassing specific transports directly into

My advice .. use with care. BizTalk 2004 is
a totally different kettle of fish to BizTalk 2002, and migration to BizTalk 2004
deserves a rethink of how the integration piece was originally implemented. Don’t
be fooled into thinking you can just use the Toolkit and migrate to BizTalk 2004 in
2 man days. It won’t happen.

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