How to reset Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) in Windows XP

I’ve been having problems with my Linksys USB
Wireless Adapter
ever since I bought it. It works fine on some networks, but on
others (particularly the one at home), it drops connection and refuses to connect
afer around 15 minutes of use. Repairing the connection works half the time, but after
3 repairs, the Wireless Stack was just hanging and the PC needed a reset. Extremely
annoying; I was spending on average a whole hour a day just rebooting my PC and swearing
at the Adapter.

Today I came across a KB article on how to reset
the TCP/IP stack in XP
, gave it a try and voila’ the Adapter seems to be working
perfectly. It’s a command line that uses netsh and basically clears up your TCP/IP
settings and resets them to how they were when the XP was first installed. Fingers
crossed it will stay fixed …

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