Living in a Tesco world ..

The agility with which Tesco penetrates new markets is astounding! Just today I popped out to get some ink for my printer and I found Tesco branded cartridges clones which were 25% cheaper than the official HP ones. I bought one, paid for it with my Tesco platinum card, and drove home in my car (which is insured by Tesco insurance).

Oh .. and by the way, this week I switched to Tesco Broadband, which offers an identical service to the BT Openworld account I had till now, at 66% of the price. Besides all these various offerings, Tesco also offer travel insurance, gas and eletricity, and now even MP3 downloads (ala iTunes)

While writing this blog entry, I came across this corporate profile of Tesco which is a couple of years old, but interesting nonetheless. You may not know this, but their stated core purpose is: “To create value for our
customers, to earn their lifetime loyalty”. A more comprehensive profile (just a couple of months old) can be found here. Tesco currently occupy a massive 28% of the grocery retail market, around 12% more than their nearest market rival, Asda. I don’t envy the other players in that market, it can’t be fun to live in Tesco’s shadow!

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