MSMQT problems …

Scott Colestock recounts an interesting
experience with MSMQT together with some pointers he picked up along the way. The
lessons learnt include:

“As it turns out, although it isn’t
documented as such, a Send Port with this option checked can only work if MSMQT has
been installed in Active Directory-integrated mode.  If
you have the “Use MSMQ Authentication” option checked on a Send Port and you are not in
Active Directory-integrated mode, then messages will not flow.  When
we eventually discovered this discrepency and fixed our bindings files, the problem
was resolved.  (Note: there
is a similar option when configuring Receive Locations.)”


“Diffing binding files will prove to be a key troubleshooting technique with Biztalk…”

Read the whole story here ..

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