Sound bits

Garth, my new boss, recommended
I read Helping
Clients Succeed
, a book by Mahan
. I downloaded the audio version and listening to the first chapter in my
car using my laptop and headphones. I can recommend it to anyone out there who is
working in consultancy, and there’s lots of useful information and Mahan really
makes sense.

Anyway, driving around with a laptop in the passenger seat and headphone isn’t quite
the safest thing you can do, so I decided to burn the chapters to audio CD. Unfortunately
the audio was in .ASF format and I needed to convert them to MP3. Searching on Google for
ASF to MP3 converter gave me a plethora of results, most of which were demo/shareware
versions of complete packages. I finally stumbled across GoldWave,
which has a reasonable free version, looks very, very comprehensive, and allowed me
to batch convert my ASF files to MP3. If you’re looking for sound editor/mixer/converter,
than GoldWave should be right up there on your
list. Check it out.

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