BizTalk Server Adapter Framework Wizard

From Scott Woodgate‘s blog …

How about a little: File-New-BizTalk Server Adapter Framework Wizard inside VS.NET

This wizard makes it super easy to getting started with the adapter base classes by stepping you through the creation of both receive and send-side adapters in C# including the receive handler/end-point properties and it uses VS outlining to hide the parts of the adapter framework that are less relevant to building adapters. All in all this wizard makes it easier to get building with the adapter framework so if you plan to build an adapter grab it today.

Also included are an example socket-based adapter and a whitepaper describing how to use the wizard and building adapters. This deliverable complements the super detailed whitepaper that Kevin released earlier this month.

Please read the readme, and in particular you must have the SDK Refresh installed as it contains the updated base-classes. Needless to say full source code to the adapter wizard is included and let me know if there are any issues with this first release that need to be addressed. Get it here and shortly off gotdotnet (I’ll refresh the link).

[Scott Woodgate’s E-Business Outbursts]

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